The Magic of a Child’s Touch

Doorway To the Soul, The Magic of a Child’s Touch

Did you ever hold an infant or small child close to you and experience the way he or she will explore your face. The child is not at all hesitant to examine your face from a distance of even six inches. He will reach out and touch your cheeks, tweak your eyebrows, feel your nose. Utterly fascinated at the adventure, he will reach back and put his tiny fingers in your ears, all the while gazing intently at you, almost as though he is trying to see through your face into your soul.

I remember the first time I had this experience feeling initially sort of embarrassed at the closeness of the child’s face to mine. Wow! I was not used to that level of intimacy. Yet, something in me delighted in the innocent curiosity of a child. I found myself surrendering to my daughter’s intense exam, permitting her every move. Her tiny hands explored my face with a sense of wonder. Age spots, moles, she didn’t miss a wrinkle or blemish. It was all there in front of her. My naked face lay open to her eyes. No judgment was made on my facial flaws. No, she accepted my aging skin as she accepted me, unconditionally.

I recalled this experience the other day when a close friend of mine told me she was going to treat herself to a facial massage. My curiosity was aroused and I asked her what exactly happened at a facial massage. She told me it was very relaxing. The masseuse applies a soothing lotion to the face, working the oils in gently to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the facial muscles. The idea is to hide the blemishes of age and keep the skin feeling and looking younger.

I thought to myself, the adult to adult facial massages have little in common with the child to adult version. A child peering at your face is not trying to improve your appearance at all. The little one takes our pockmarks and warts in stride. We are who we are. He loves our wrinkles and sagging skin because they are part of us. They come with the territory, belonging to the person they love.

That’s why our hearts melt in the presence of innocent children. They seem to see right through our flaws into the soul within. Their love is pure because they see the goodness that lies within even the most imperfect of us.

We can’t ask professional therapists to give us facials that compare with those we receive from children. Only babies and little kids have the gift, maybe because only children look upon the face of God.

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