Grandpa To a Children's Village

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Editorial Review:

This is a warm and engaging story of how an older man reaches out in love to a new generation of children and finds himself totally won over by the way they handle the abuse and neglect that is a major part of their lives. I find it refreshing that the author admits he will always be a student learning life lessons from these troubled kids. Mattimore says I laugh a lot and I cry a lot as he goes through his days at the Village. Sometimes, he says, I find myself loving the kids so much, it's scary. It's the kind of love that moms and dads know, the kind that hurts and also makes you want to sing. Professionals in the foster care system might take note that the Children's Village where the author volunteers, is really one of only a handful of programs that use this inter-generational approach to the treatment of neglected and abused children. A good dose of grandparent love might just what many of our troubled foster kids need. –Dave Gawlik, Mequon, WI

Product Description

A personal story of what it's like for a man in his 70's to move in with a passel of abused and neglected kids, share their lives and take on a new identity as a grandpa to a children's village. The author's job description as a live-in grandfather at the inter-generational village is to be a giver of unconditional love to twenty-four foster children ranging in age from five to sixteen.

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Product Details

Paperback: 125 pages

Publisher: Caritas Communications; first edition (June 5, 2010)