The seed of God

“ The Seed of God”


I was in a reflective mode during these days of deep summer when I ran across the lines of one of the world’s great mystics, a man by the name of Meister Eckhart. He wrote:

“The seed of God is in us. As the seed of a pear tree grows into a pear tree and a hazel seed grows into a hazel tree; a seed of God grows into God.”

Wow! That kind of mysticism leaves me shaking my head. The seed of God in us? But then I think what if we try to go there with Meister Eckhart. What if we change our perspective about who we are. And, instead of seeing ourselves as solitary beings dong ordinary things we are instead part of something (someone?) of infinite goodness and power. We are no longer Sean or Marie or Mike but one with God (or the universe or however you conceive that transcendent spirit who gives us life.) Then what we do becomes transformed by who we are.

My friends and family will assure you that I am no mystic. Hell, no. Growing up, my family dubbed me “Mr.Average Man.” I’m a Bills and 49er’s fan, for cripes sake. But somehow Meister Eckhart’s reflection rings a bell. Maybe, as the atheist would say, it’s just wishful thinking to think of myself as part of something far greater. And yet, and yet….. something stirs in me when I listen to good music, or read timeless poetry or hear the pure tinkling laughter of children,or smell the salty air of the ocean, something that tells me that maybe, just maybe, I am more than what I eat or the work that I do or the very ordinary life I lead.

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