God has a sense of humor

God Has To Have a Sense of Humor

The man ran down the slip at the Staten Island ferry and flung himself into space, across the patch of water, landing on the boat with a terrific crash. He picked himself up, breathing hard, dusting off his pants. “I made it.”

“So what was your hurry?” asked a passenger. “We’re coming in.”

I have to chuckle every time I hear this story. I can just picture this guy, totally absorbed with one thought. “I’ve gotta make the ferry. I’ve gotta make the ferry.”

He launches himself into the air. “Yes! I did it,” only to find that he didn’t have to rush after all. Like legendary comic Jimmy Durante, he must have said to himself, “What a revolting development this turned out to be.”

Most of us can relate to the story because we’ve managed to screw up a few times in our lives. I recall taking my kid to an A’S game when he was about 12 years old. The A’s with McGuire and Canseco at their peak, were in the middle of a pennant race. The game was a sellout and I congratulated myself for having the foresight to get tickets in advance. It was only when we arrived at the Coliseum that I noticed the tickets were for the day before. If Sean hadn’t learned already that his Dad wasn’t perfect, he sure found out that day.

So life goes. Those of you who can not (yet) walk on water, know what I mean. Most of us muddle through, making our mistakes. It’s not that we don’t make plans. We’re making plans all the time. It’s just that life doesn’t cooperate. The kid who we thought was going to go to medical school is flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s and writing poetry on the side. I met a guy the other day who had four kids. He and his wife were looking forward to a passel of grandchildren. Guess what ? The youngest kid celebrated his 40th. Birthday last year and still no grandkids from any of them.

Of all God’s creatures, only humankind is blessed with the capacity to laugh. I figure that if God has given us this gift, He (She) must also possess it. A sense of humor must come in handy to the Creator. Can you just imagine the plans God had for us and the way we consistently mess up? There must be a lot of “oy veys” or “mama mia’s” emanating from the heavenly throne as the Master of the Universe observes us in action.

Still, despite our foibles and cussedness, God continues to love us and wish us well. Maybe that’s the Lord’s way of telling us to lighten up on our own shortcomings and those of our fellow human beings. Like the guy who fell on his face catching a ferry boat that was actually coming in, sometimes we just need to brush off our clothes and enjoy a good laugh at ourselves. Don’t you think?